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HHH would love your feedback. What hay or hays are you feeding your horses

HHH staff asked this question to many of our facebook horse groups. Here were

Tickets can be purchased here. Save the date (September 18th) for an incredible wine tasting

 Justin Howard, the owner of Justin’s Horseshoe Art, started his business officially in 2014. It

Amy Treadway is an artist from Georgia who now resides in Southern California. Her inspiration

They never disappoint. Never. That Frank Sinatra sound. Reincarnated. Ok, so Horse, Hound

Rome Georgia is home to one of the state’s most outstanding gun dog training teams:

Photos courtesy of Jean Carnet of Carnet Studio and Eric Bowles of Bowles Images.  Photo above by

The gauge on the still read 128 proof.  There is nothing like a whiskey tasting

When it comes to barbecue, North Georgia has a lot to offer. Our home state