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 Justin Howard, the owner of Justin’s Horseshoe Art, started his business officially in 2014. It began when he moved to Ellijay, Georgia, in 2013 to work on his cousin’s ranch. Throughout his life, he was big into welding and carpentry. Working at his cousin’s ranch sparked an idea to buy another welder. From there, he asked his farrier for some extra horseshoes and created his first ever piece of horseshoe art. He continued to work on his technique and then, in 2014, he took some of his pieces to a local farmer’s market, leaving with $150! He was overjoyed! This ultimately led him to become a full-time artist. Justin has now been doing his art for seven years. 

Justin’s pieces are unique. He makes everything from small figurines, horse head sculptures, to a full-size horse, all out of horseshoes. Typically, a horse head will take him 20-40 hours, while the full horse sculpture he created took him six months off and on. He believes practice makes perfect and has gone through lots of trial and error to determine the best technique to complete his pieces. 

His favorite pieces include a full-size horse and a 9-foot-tall Knight statue. He was commissioned to do the Knight Statue for a Christian school. The idea behind the statue was to build the “whole armor of God, for encouragement, strength, and endurance through tough times and security.” 

Justin’s inspiration for his artwork comes from within himself. He stated that from a young age, he was artistically inclined, always loving to draw and sketch. He never thought he would also be able to sculpt with horseshoes. He believes that his creativity is a gift given to him, and he tries to use it every day to the best of his ability. A piece of advice from Justin is to find out what your gift is because he believes we all have one. He is grateful for the artist that he is today.

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