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Amy Treadway is an artist from Georgia who now resides in Southern California. Her inspiration is derived from equines. She views horses as her own celebrities and enjoys spending time at the racetrack. At the track, she can observe her favorite athletes using them as inspirations. She gives credit to the partnership she has with Del Mar Racetrack for jumpstarting her career as an equine artist. The love she has for this sport has led her to want to promote more horseracing in her home state, Georgia. Amy stated that she has always wanted to start her own art business. Even in elementary school, people were encouraging her to pursue her creative side. In 2011, she opened her own business and transitioned from a photorealism type of art to an abstract form. Amy describes her artwork as “outrageous and full of life.” Her goal is to capture the power of her subjects through the use of bright colors and movement, in order to create passion and excitement. 

Amy sees art “as a journey of self-discovery.” She believes that each of her paintings contain a little bit of her within it. Every one of her pieces leads her to discover another piece of herself, ultimately creating the artist she is today. Her biggest piece of advice is that “you should be your favorite artist.” She takes this advice into account when creating every new piece. Amy looks at art as a learning opportunity and says there is no such thing as failure. She no longer fears making mistakes and continues to strive to hit her goals, never letting criticism keep her from moving forward. Amy describes art as her “gift to the world” and states that “The key to artistic success is not simply your skill, but your ability to connect with people and touch them in a personal way.” 

Typically, it takes Amy just under a week to finish a piece from concept to finished product. In an average week, she has multiple projects going on at once. Planning the composition and media sketch tends to be the most time-consuming aspect of her work. She uses this time to creatively chose what colors and elements she wants to utilize. Amy stated she is big into color theory and can spend up to several days just choosing out the colors. Below is her standard process:

“I do a lot of research on the subject I am painting, looking at other works of art or photography for inspiration. I then sketch out my composition idea and play around with colors in my media sketches. Once the color has been finalized, sketch the entire image with masking fluid. This is how I get the crisp white lines. Once it dries, I paint the entire painting in layers on top of the sketch. Once the final layer dries, I peel off the masking fluid and sketch on top of the image to give it that final, tight finish. I want my art to have realistic proportions with vibrant colors. I want the horse to be recognizable but still feel like a work of art. My favorite part is how I sign my name in masking fluid. I never outline my signature until I am satisfied that the piece is complete.”

Amy’s favorite piece of her art is Flying Colors. This painting is the first painting that transitioned her from her original style, photorealism, to her new style, abstraction. It is the one original painting that she cannot part with and is the painting used on all of her marketing materials. 

Throughout her career, Amy has invested time to always learning more, growing, and developing as an artist. With her main subjects being horses, she has also begun to dive into using other subjects. Subjects such as cars, planes, motorcycles, boats, and now pets serve as other inspirations. Her favorite pet to capture is cats, specifically black cats. She wants to capture the beauty she sees in them to hopefully increase their adoption rates and to help people see past the superstitions. 

Nowadays, when not in the studio, you can find Amy at the Del Mar racetrack, car events, coffee shops, and cat shows. She spends her free time mentoring other up-and-coming artists, detailing her car, meeting new people, or spending time with friends, family, and her cats. Amy’s next ambition is to own a racehorse of her own that will one day retire and become her pleasure horse.

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