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Georgia Steeplechase Brings Fractional Thoroughbred Ownership to the Peach State

Photo by Clarence Alford

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own racehorse, now may be your chance! Imagine cheering your own thoroughbred as it thunders down the track at beautiful Kingston Downs on April 6, 2019. It might be more possible than you think! The Georgia Steeplechase has announced that it is starting a Fractional Thoroughbred Ownership program.

Georgia Steeplechase Co-Chairs Anthony-Scott and Phoebe Hobbs announced the new program this morning, stating that it is a great way for attendees to become more involved in the races on the southern circuit and for the future of the sport. Beyond that, fractional ownership may offer a potential opportunity for investment. However, Hobbs was quick to add that this is not the main objective in offering this program.

“Owning a racehorse isn’t a return on investment,” he said. “It’s a return on fun.”

Fractional ownership works by dividing up the buy in of a thoroughbred then caring for its annual needs – stabling, feed, training, and veterinary care. Typically, fractional ownership of the horse is divided evenly among ten individuals or parties, making it much more feasible to own the dream. Any earnings on the horse are then divided evenly among the owners and if the thoroughbred is sold, the proceeds are distributed per the owner’s share(s).

The goal of this program is to offer Georgia Steeplechase attendees the chance to race their own thoroughbred on April 6, 2019 as well as in other races on the southern circuit. Board members at the Georgia Steeplechase hope that is will increase interest not only in their annual race, which raises funds for local charities, but also in the sport of steeplechase racing itself and the lifestyle attached.

After all, that is what participants in Georgia Steeplechase’s new Fractional Ownership program are really buying into: a lifestyle. This is not about spending money to make money. It’s about spending afternoons at southern steeplechase races, donning bow ties and fancy hats while sipping mint juleps. It’s about the excitement of watching your own thoroughbred speeding toward the finish line as the crowd cheers. Thanks to Georgia Steeplechase’s new program, someday you may find yourself standing in the Winners’ Circle!

If you’d like more information about fractional ownership opportunities or if you’d like to learn what you need to get started, contact the Georgia Steeplechase at (866) 928-7856 or georgiasteeplechase@gmail.com.

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