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National Steeplechase Results: Top Owners and Top Trainers in Close Competition

National Steeplechase results are always worth following, but this year has been especially interesting thus far. Top horse standings are not the only results that garnered a great deal of attention in the National Steeplechase Association’s spring season this year. The owners as well as the trainers have been neck-and-neck, so to speak, as they vie for top positions.

Trainer Irv Naylor with wife Diane

Photo by Catherine French

At the spring stanza conclusion on May 26, the Fair Hill Races, Ozmoz’s win propelled his owner, Irvin S. Naylor, to the top owner position for the spring National Steeplechase results. With his spring stanza total earning reaching $248,200, Naylor gained his number one spot by only a small margin, as the next owner in line, George Mahoney Jr., missed matching Naylor’s earnings by less than $2,000. Either owner could easily find his way to the top position in the National Steeplechase results by the final race meet for 2018.

Trainer Jack Fisher with Jockey Willie McCarthy

Photo by Catherine French

Owners are not alone in their close competition this year. Trainers, too, are battling it out for the top position in National Steeplechase results. Veteran trainer Jonathan Sheppard topped the board at the end of the spring stanza with 11 wins, and Ricky Hendriks was right on his tail with 10 wins. Although second place in races won, Hendriks currently tops the National Steeplechase results board for highest-earning trainers at $346,600. Champion trainer Jack Fisher, who currently holds the third place position for number of wins, is not far behind Hendriks in earnings at $324,550.

In fact, the only section of the National Steeplechase results which is not in currently in close competition is the riders’ standings. Jack Doyle is, frankly, leaving his competitors in the dust this year. With 13 wins, 10 second place finishes, and $434,150 in winnings thus far, Doyle has set a wide gap between himself and the current second place riders. Darren Nagle is tailing Doyle in races won, with nine wins at the end of the spring stanza. Ross Geraghty held second place for earnings at the end of May with $317,700. However, a lot can change between now and the end of the Fall schedule.

Nonetheless, despite a clear lead among riders, the tight competition between both the top leading owners and the top leading trainers make it harder than usual to predict what the final standings will be. As of the end of the spring stanza, the contest between both groups was still too close to safely predict what the final National Steeplechase results might look like this year. With such close competition, race fans are sure to keep a close eye on the boards, waiting to see what happens next.

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