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It’s time for another unique Hunter Pace here in Georgia this Fall 2023.  Stay tuned for details.

Last Fall in November, Horse Hound and Hunt had it’s Fall riding event in Cloudland, Georgia, at Valley View Ranch.  What was wonderful about this riding experience was that a 6 mile course was carved out on top of LookOut Mountain with some amazing vistas.

We strive to make riding experiences at unique properties memorable, but most of all it’s the camaraderie of bringing riders together.   At Valley View, it was unique because during the summer,  Valley View is an equestrian camp for girls, and it had a number of cabins available overlooking the valley below.  We stayed at the cabins with some new friends.  The owner of Valley View Ranch, Nancy Jones, and her team went out of their way to accommodate our riding club, and even had prepared dinner that evening.

That evening an organized bombfire allowed us to bond with new friends.  Conversations flowed, and so did the beverages.  The night sky had stars you could reach up and grab.


Three divisions went out on the course Saturday morning.  Amazing weather.  Amazing footing.  Great memories.


Thank you to all riders and barns that participated in the 2021 Fall Hunter Pace at Valley View Equestrian!

Advanced Division

Full Ride Optimal Time = 1.38 minutes

1ST     1.41    Division 1    Name   Ruby Fire Equestrian – McKenzie Owens / Madison Owens

2ND    1.23    Division 1    Name    Elise Harrison

3RD    2.00    Division 1    Name    Green Pastures – Madison McElrath / Beth Ellenberg

 Half Ride Optimal Time = 52 minutes

1ST     .58    Division 1    Name    Team Highpoint – Bryan & Heidi Arroyave / Erika & Elise Stone

Intermediate Division

Full Ride Optimal Time = 2 hour 17 minutes

1ST    2.15   Division 2    Name    Candace Clayton / Nicole Limbeault

2ND    2.12   Division 2    Name     Cook Farm – Nora Cook / London Mitchell / Kensey Ragsdale / Makayla Wilson

3RD    2.28   Division 2    Name     Cheylin Estep

Half Ride Optimal Time = 1 hour 28 minutes

1ST    1.16   Division 2    Name    Team Chubby Tricksters – Shannon Collins / Oakley Patterson

2ND    1.41   Division 2    Name     Hidden Gem Farm – Colleen Mueller / Caroline York / Anna Lee Jones

3RD    1.14   Division 2    Name    Team Duncan Doughnuts – Ava and Julia Girard

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A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character.  Tesio


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