Access to Facilities: The Equestrian Preserve provides access to a well-maintained facility featuring a 5/8th mile conditioning track, two riding arenas, a vast cross country course, trails (coming Spring 2024), and stables. This is particularly valuable for individuals who may not have their own facilities or live in urban areas where finding suitable spaces for riding can be challenging.

Community and Networking: Joining the Equestrian Preserve allows individuals to connect with like-minded people who share a passion for horses and riding. This sense of community provides opportunities for networking, socializing, and forming friendships with others who have similar interests.

Events, Competitions and Educational Opportunities: The Equestrian Preserve plans to organize and host various events, competitions and shows, along with workshops, seminars, and educational sessions on topics such as horse care, training methods, and equine health. Participating in these activities provides members with opportunities to showcase their skills, challenge themselves, and celebrate their achievements within the supportive club community as well as enhance members’ knowledge and understanding of horses, contributing to responsible and informed horsemanship.

Discounts and Benefits: Members will receive exclusive discounts on events, competitions and educational opportunities held at the farm which makes the cost of membership more economical, especially for individuals who regularly invest in horse-related activities.

Safety and Support: Membership with fellow equestrians means having access to a support system. In case of emergencies or unforeseen challenges, fellow members can provide assistance, advice, or guidance. Additionally, riding in a group can enhance safety during activities.

Personal Development: Horse riding promotes physical fitness, mental well-being, and discipline. The Equestrian Preserve will provide a structured environment for personal development, helping individuals build confidence, improve communication skills, and develop a sense of responsibility through their interactions with horses.

Membership with the Equestrian Preserve and the Daily Use Opportunities offer a range of benefits, from access to facilities and educational opportunities to the formation of a supportive community. These advantages can greatly enrich the overall horse riding experience for enthusiasts at various skill levels.

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